The Saddletree Research Kachina Award

An iconic symbol of the American Southwest, the Kachina is integral to the cultures of several Native American tribes in the region, most notably the Hopi tribe of northern Arizona. Each Kachina represents a spirit in western Pueblo cultural beliefs. Although not worshipped, each Kachina is viewed as a powerful being who can use his particular power for human good. There are over 400 different Kachinas in Hopi and Pueblo culture.

Saddletree Research was founded in 1999 in Scottsdale, Arizona; the heart of the American Southwest. Saddletree has chosen the Kachina to symbolize achievement and innovation among technology solutions providers in the North American contact center market.

2016 marks the first year of the Saddletree Research Kachina Awards. Awards will be presented in six distinct categories recognizing innovation in a specific contact center solution discipline. The 2016 awards will be presented in the following categories:

• Innovation in Workforce Optimization (workforce management, quality management)
• Innovation in Analytics (Speech analytics, text analytics, desktop analytics)
• Innovation in Customer Self-Service solutions
• Innovation in Cloud Contact Center solutions
• Innovation in Voice of the Customer solutions
• Innovation in emerging technologies and/or new industry solutions

Award applicants will be asked to describe in 650 words or less why their solution qualifies as innovative and why it should be recognized as among the most innovative in the North American contact center industry. Award applicants are encouraged to be specific in their description of how their solution differs from others in the same category and why those differences are truly innovative, offering contact center professionals the opportunity to provide a unique customer service experience.

Kachina Award entries will be judged by a panel of contact center industry experts including journalists, marketers, educators and end-users. The cutoff for 2016 award submissions is October 15, 2016 with Kachina Award winners announced during the first week of November 2016.

For the 2016 Kachina Award, Saddletree Research has commissioned Hopi Kachina artist Joe Duwyenie of Third Mesa, Hopi Pueblo, in northern Arizona to carve six Kachinas, one for each of the winners. The Kachina chosen for the 2016 award is the Sun Kachina, called the Tawa Kachina by the Hopi people. The Sun Kachina represents strength of spirit, growth and abundance. Pictured on this page is a Tawa Kachina carved by Mr. Duwyenie. The 2016 Saddletree Research Kachina Award will be similar in style to the Kachina pictured.


Deadline for Submission:  October 15, 2016
Application Fee: $349.00



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