(INFORMATION-AGE.COM)--The combined company of Calabrio and Teleopti ranks among the largest contact centre workforce management providers Calabrio’s acquisition of Teleopti — a new standard for CX intelligence? image Calabrio has acquired Teleopti.  Calabrio has announced that it has acquired Teleopti, a workforce management software provider headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

It says that this acquisition will build a new global standard for the customer experience (CX) industry.

Together, Teleopti’s workforce management (WFM) software will work with Calabrio’s customer experience solutions to create a multi-tenant, SaaS customer experience intelligence platform.

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Calabrio today announced it has acquired Teleopti, a workforce management software provider headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden—building the new global standard for the customer experience industry.

“The adoption of solutions that engage employees has accelerated rapidly”

The combination brings Teleopti’s workforce management (WFM) software together with Calabrio’s customer experience solutions to create the market-leading, true multi-tenant SaaS customer experience intelligence platform. Calabrio and Teleopti bring together customers from across the globe, including Best Buy, Rabobank, Shopify, Netflix and GE Appliances, a Haier company.

“Calabrio has always been at the forefront of disruption in this industry and we are excited to welcome the Teleopti team to join this mission,” said Tom Goodmanson, president and CEO at Calabrio. “We enrich human interactions—inside and outside of the contact center—allowing our customers to deeply connect with their customers through data and analytics. And we do this all while ensuring their employees have the best tools possible to add a human touch to an otherwise cold interaction. The combination of our leading solutions empowers the modern workforce and provides companies around the world with an intelligent view of agent and customer interactions.”

Charlotte Observer - Deon Roberts - October 19, 2017

Wells Fargo has been quietly bulking up its call-center operations in the Philippines, adding positions in the southeast Asian country where it has long kept offshore jobs.

The move by the third-largest U.S. bank by assets is occurring even as other companies have done the reverse in recent years – transferring call-center functions back to the U.S. It also comes as Wells Fargo continues to reel from a sales scandal that erupted in 2016.

Wells Fargo has had operations in the Philippines since at least 2011, including information technology and other roles, but had not received much attention in the U.S. for its more recent expansions in the island republic.

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MELVILLE, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Verint® Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: VRNT) today announced that it has earned multiple honors in CRM magazine’s 2016 “Service Awards,” an annual recognition program which distinguishes innovation and success in customer service and support. Among the honors, Verint was named the top winner in the Workforce Optimization (WFO) category—a position it has held for nine consecutive years. The company also received “Service Leader” awards for Contact Center Search and Enterprise Feedback Management.

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Monday, 11 August 2014 13:20

Call Center Jobs Are Coming Back To The U.S.

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Marketplace Morning Report - By Kate Davidson - August 5, 2014


If you’ve ever called a customer service line, you’ve likely talked to someone in India, the Philippines, or Mexico. Now, some U.S. companies are bringing their call centers home and changing the way they do business.

Have you ever been stuck in a phone tree so long you just lost it and started ranting on Twitter?

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Detroit Free Press - By Frank Witsil - August 3, 2014


In a hive of cubicles at the Dialog Direct offices in Highland Park, Keontay Kelley and other employees answer calls through headsets.

While they work, LED signs on the walls flash reminders: “Manners Matter,” “Phone Etiquette,” “Yes Ma’am/Sir,” “Thank You” and “I Apologize.” The room buzzes with conversation, the sound of hundreds of metro Detroiters earning paychecks.

“I was looking for a job, ” said Kelley, 26, of Detroit. “This did it.”

After years of sending call center jobs to India, the Philippines, Mexico and other countries, companies are bringing them back to the U.S.


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Friday, 30 December 2005 10:58

A Word Is Worth a Thousand Pictures

Written by - by Paul Stockford - December 2005


Napoleon said that one picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of real-time speech analytics, one word can be worth a thousand pictures.

So, picture this: Every day, your agents speak to scores of people on the phone. The purposes of the calls vary, but nearly all have some sort of customer service objective. You probably monitor your agents' calls, either a percentage of them for quality or for compliance, or for other reasons. Buried in those recorded calls is a gold mine of

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Tuesday, 30 January 2007 10:54

How Performance Management Bolsters Benchmarking

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Call Center Magazine - by Joe Fliescher -  January 2007


Operational benchmarking is a term that refers to research into common characteristics among call centers that represent a variety of industries. In this article, we provide an introduction to this operational component of benchmarking.

What distinguishes performance management, says Paul Stockford of Saddletree Research, is that "it's universal because it impacts the organization at all levels."

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Monday, 01 January 2007 10:50

What is the Shape of Things to Come?

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International Customer Management Institute - by Keith Dawson and Joe Fleischer - January 1, 2007


It's become something of an annual tradition to put forward in our January issue a look at where we think the technology landscape is headed in the year to come. This year, our columnist Paul Stockford took some of the load when he described very eloquently how the industry moves forward by

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