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Wednesday, 03 December 2008 10:11

Unified Communications and the Economy: Quit Wringing Your Hands and Get Back to Work

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Unified Communications Strategies - Paul Stockford - December 8, 2008


In this era of extremes; e.g., Xtreme sports, Xtreme games, Xtreme you-name-it, it is only fitting that the reporting of the U.S. economic condition today is being taken to extremes.  News sources today go to “xtreme” lengths to bring us the bad news and devoutly ignore or minimize any good news.  This kind of sensationalism is what sells subscriptions and advertising because we are drawn to it in the same way we are fascinated by disasters of all kinds.  In the case of today’s current economic news coverage, the pessimistic side of human nature is being exploited to the detriment of everyone.

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