Thursday, 22 March 2018 10:24

Verint Announces Intelligent Virtual Assistant and Chatbot-Driven Self-Service Capabilities

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On March 15, 2018, Verint ® Systems, Inc., of Melville, NY, announced the availability of new customer self-service capabilities that include intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) and enterprise chatbots. The IVAs and chatbots are powered by an open, modular Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine that Verint attained with the acquisition of Next IT in December, 2017 (See Saddletree Research Note of January 16, 2018 entitled “Verint Acquires Next IT: Accelerates Artificial Intelligence Efforts, Expands Portfolio.) Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant TM enables customer engagement through the understanding of contextual information in order to provide personalized assistance and answers based on the customer’s prior purchases, locations, and other information. Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant is a modular platform that provides enterprises with the ability to manage the solution and make changes as necessary. No special training is required in order to manage the AI engine behind the IVAs and chatbots, and this design feature ensures investment protection as AI technology continues to evolve along with enterprise requirements. Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant is available for immediate delivery.

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