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Calabrio's Desktop Analytics for the Masses

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The recent announcement of Calabrio’s desktop analytics solution for their Calabrio ONE workforce optimization (WFO) suite brought the focus of my attention back to analytics and the fact that demand for analytics solutions remains high in 2013 despite being under the radar of most of the industry media.  To underscore that point, contact center analytics solutions appear in four out of the top five contact center solutions that will be evaluated for purchase in 2013 according to the end-user study that Saddletree Research conducted in conjunction with the National Association of Call Centers (NACC) at The University of Southern Mississippi. Among other things, this annual survey asks end-user respondents to identify which technology solutions that they will look at to purchase in the coming year.  For the second year in a row text analytics has made the top five.


Desktop analytics provides what is essentially a time-and-motion study of what occurs on a contact center agent’s desktop.  By analyzing activities on the agent workstation, desktop analytics reveals the differences in skills, training, adherence to rules and motivational variances among agents.  Previously identified only through random quality management recording reviews, desktop analytics ensures managers that every movement on the agent’s desktop is recorded and analyzed.


While desktop analytics may sound like another version of big brother watching over the agents’ shoulders, it also offers capabilities that most agents will find beneficial.  For example, desktop analytics reveals system performance issues that are usually undetectable unless reported by an individual agent.  Examples of these performance issues include error messages on the agent desktop that disrupt service flow, problems moving between applications that delay call completion, and slow page rendering that slows the rate of service delivery.


Calabrio Desktop Analytics brings the benefits of desktop analytics to contact centers of all sizes.  Residing on the same Web 2.0-based hosting platform as Calabrio’s price-competitive speech analytics solution, desktop analytics can be administered and used without specialized training or dedicated personnel resources.  Familiar graphics present results on analytics dashboards that provide drill-down capabilities that take users to the actual recording of the transaction.


Calabrio ( has built a reputation on being able to offer cost-effectively contact center solutions to contact centers of all sizes and Calabrio Desktop Analytics is no exception.  This is truly desktop analytics for the masses.

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