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Verint Financials, Industry Employment - Numbers Add Up to Good News

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Last week I wrote a research note for Saddletree clients covering contact center industry employment numbers for the second half of 2010.  In the first half of 2010 there was a net gain of 2,292 jobs in the U.S. contact center industry.  That news in itself was pretty exciting, but it was blown away by second half employment figures.

The third quarter of 2010 saw a net gain of 3,929 jobs – more than the net gain of jobs in the first two quarters of 2010 combined.  It was the fourth quarter numbers, however, that blew expectations out of the water.  During the fourth quarter the industry realized a net gain of 9,695 jobs for a grand total of 15,916 contact center jobs gained during 2010.  Growth in the fourth quarter also mirrored normal pre-recession industry growth patterns, so it appears that the industry is on the right track.  Incidentally, all these employment numbers are gathered by the Call Center Lab at The University of Southern Mississippi.

 And speaking of blowing away expectations, Verint Systems released their fourth quarter numbers this week.  Earnings per share (EPS) were sharply ahead of consensus forecasts with workforce optimization playing a major part in these earnings.  As a category, Verint’s workforce optimization sales performance was up nearly 20 percent over last year.  Financial analysts expect to see a continuation of this strong performance into FY 2011 and have increased revenue expectations accordingly.

 All of this is good news for an industry that not only proved its value during the toughest of economic times, but is clearly demonstrating leadership in shepherding the U.S. economy out of its doldrums.  It is apparent that confidence has returned to much of the U.S. contact center industry, led by companies like Verint that have figured out the magic formula of delivering value for the money in order to increase revenues.

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