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Welcome to Saddletree Research 2.0

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Over the past few months I’ve written about Web 2.0 and what companies like Calabrio and Cisco are doing to take Web 2.0 beyond the realm of social media applications.  I’ve written about how Aspect is addressing what they refer to as Customer 2.0 and the way we will be conducting business in the post-recessionary economy, commonly referred to as Business 2.0.  So I guess it’s time I talk about Saddletree Research 2.0.


I founded Saddletree Research on November 1, 1999.  The establishment of the business was carefully crafted, built upon a solid business plan combined with sage advice from the late Jack Beedle, who founded In-Stat and eventually sold it to Cahners Publishing, where it became Cahners In-Stat Group and recruited me to start their telecommunications research practice in 1996.  Saddletree Research was founded as a boutique research house, tightly focused on the contact center industry, and that’s what it still is today.  I didn’t start Saddletree because I lost my job and needed something to do until the next job came along.  I founded Saddletree to be an alternative to the mega-research houses with their layers of admin and high price tag services.  12 years later we’re still at it.


In a classic case of the cobbler’s children having no shoes, I have neglected

the marketing aspect of Saddletree Research while helping clients maximize their marketing efforts.  As a result, this website got kind of stale and out-of-date.  It took a virtual bucket of cold water over the head from my friend Candace Sheitelman ( to wake me up to the reality of business practices in the era of the connected enterprise.  With a plan in mind I contacted a local IT house, B2B Solutions ( who essentially came up with the design for this new website as well as the features you’re seeing on the homepage.


I consider this the start of the next phase in the evolution of Saddletree Research.  This company has survived two recessions and industry consolidation that saw the disappearance of some of the biggest names in the industry, who also happened to be Saddletree clients.  Despite the challenges, or perhaps because of the challenges, we’re ready for the next phase of growth.


In 2009, my friends at Verint had a plaque made that said, “Saddletree Research.  Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence 1999 – 2009.”  That plaque is displayed prominently in my office and it reminds me that this party’s not over yet.  Welcome to Saddletree Research 2.0.

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